Join us on our mission to help the best products win.

It's often said that:

The best products don't win, the ones with the best distribution do.

We're doing something about that. Blanket gives the best products an unfair advantage by giving them access to the best distribution.

The first problem we're solving on our way to fulfill that mission is to automate the Sales Development process. That's prospecting, reaching out, crafting collateral, and booking sales demos.

Your job is to make our customers successful by filling up their sales pipeline with MQLs and SQLs.

What your day will look like

You’ll be working closely with me(Cofounder and CEO), Anthony (PM) and Ed (Head of Operations), and our engineering team to craft, launch, and update campaigns for our customers.

This position is a little unusual. We're building Sales Software. That means that distribution is our product, so you'll be making sure that we're performing well for our customers, and not necessarily our internal efforts.

You get to improve the way several companies sell themselves by enhancing our platform. Everything you do to make Blanket a better product will ripple through all of our customers, having an immediate impact on their (and our) bottom line. Extremely rewarding work.

Things you might do on any given Tuesday at Blanket:

  • Help our customers nail their ICP (ideal customer profile) and Personas
  • Build a lead sourcing strategy based on each customer's audience
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with all customers in order to be successful
  • Direct and manage any external teams to ensure campaigns are executed in accordance with customer expectations and quality standards
  • Prep campaign proposals, identify clear deliverables and draft realistic timelines
  • Lead weekly customer meetings
  • Work with the product team to turn one of your processes into product

In short: do whatever it takes to make our customers successful.


  • 6+ years of working with a data-informed Growth or Marketing team

There are other requirements that I could list here, but the reality is that they'll differ depending on your specific background (Growth, Sales, Marketing). We expect you to lean into your strong suits and effectively communicate what skills you lack as you simultaneously get better at them.

Please point out what you consider your strengths are and why you think they're required for this position when you reach out.


  • Degree in Behavioral Economics
  • Experience working remotely

What we value

We’re building a teammate-centric and remote-first company that recruits the best talent regardless of location, background, or gender.

We consider our work to be our craft, getting a little bit better at what we do every single day. We value working openly and transparently because it helps maintain and scale our culture. We believe in fixing things at their core, opting to cure the condition as opposed to treating the symptoms.

The best way to feel what we value is to check out our culture guide —

We're likely not a good fit if you

  • Seek comfort
  • Feel best around teams with a clear hierarchy
  • Find that teams work best when people stick to their job descriptions ("I probably shouldn't do that, that's not my job")
  • Think hustle and hard work are overrated
  • Feel that you're at a skill level that you're complacent with
  • Think that remote teams don't work as well as having everyone in the same office
  • Are any combination of ninja, rockstar, or guru
  • Enjoy big-reveal moments after working siloed on a project

Consider joining if you

  • Value a teammate approach to company building
  • Enjoy working in flat-ish hierarchies
  • Think that there's still a ton for you to learn
  • Believe in openly sharing progress as you work
  • Believe in giving and receiving candid and transparent feedback
  • Are capable of having robust debates
  • Embrace a Disagree and commit culture, because it leads to better products than consensus-driven ones
  • Are an entrepreneur at heart
  • Believe in being deliberate about how you spend time
  • Are high on self-awareness and introspectiveness

Perks and benefits

Our four biggest perks and benefits:

  • Work environment freedom and flexibility
  • Everything you do or say matters
  • Everything you do or say has a tangible impact
  • Results are valued over egos on all interactions

Since we believe those benefits are vital to long-term sustainable happiness, it means that our monetary and lifestyle benefits will always use them as a Northstar:

  • Work wherever you want
  • We cover 90% of your health insurance premium
  • We cover 75% of your dental and vision insurance premiums
  • Workspace stipend (up to $500 a month)
  • Book stipend (up to $30 a month)
  • Learning and development credit per year to invest in your craft
  • Three paid weeks and five paid holidays per year
  • 12 weeks of paid family leave (for primary and secondary caregivers)

The complete list of current and future benefits —

To apply

Please visit this posting on AngelList:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alex Nucci, Cofounder and CEO.

PS: Check out our perpetually-work-in-progress Company Docs to get an overall picture of what we're like.