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We take inspiration from or copy what a few other open-ish companies like Automattic, Basecamp, GitLab, Meet Edgar are doing.


These are our current perks. As we grow, we’ll continue to add more. You can also check out our Coming soon perks section below.

We plan to increase or improve some of these benefits as we grow.

Work wherever you want

Full-time and part-time employees qualify

Work from anywhere in the world. Move cities, keep your job.

Health coverage

Full-time employees qualify

We cover 90% of teammate premiums and 50% of family premiums on top-notch health insurance plans.

We also cover 75% of teammate premiums for dental and vision insurance plans.

Workspace stipend

Full-time employees qualify

We encourage you to find a working environment that suits your needs the best.

Whether it's at home or a coworking spot, we'll cover $500 a month of workspace related expenses. Examples of expenses that would fall into this category:

  • Coworking membership
  • House cleaning service
  • Home internet service

We feel this budget allows every team member to build a predictable and sustainable work environment. One that only works for you, but also for the rest of your teammates.

Company-provided hardware and software

Full-time employees qualify

We'll equip you with a MacBook Pro + any other hardware, software, or services you need to do your job.

Book stipend

Full-time employees qualify

We’ll pay up to $30 a month for books you’d like to read. It doesn’t have to be something related to your profession, feel free to get a fiction book.

Learning and development

Full-time employees qualify

If you’re interested in taking courses or classes to learn something new or further a skill. We’ll cover up to $2,000 annually (we'll approve more on a case by case basis).


Full-time employees qualify

Congratulations new parents! To help you celebrate your new addition, and get some much-needed family bonding time, we built a solid family-leave plan:

  • Primary Caregivers: 12 weeks of fully paid leave
  • Secondary Caregivers: 12 weeks of fully paid leave

Additional unpaid time off can be arranged as needed (up to 3 months off total inclusive of paid leave).

Team retreats

Full-time employees qualify

We'll gather the whole team twice a year for a retreat.

Vacation days

Full-time employees qualify

Full-time employees get three weeks of paid vacation per year.

Here’s the breakdown:
  • 15 vacation days
  • Days accrue based on hours worked
  • You can "borrow" (go negative) days if you haven't accrued enough
  • Accrued days cap at 15 (we want you to take them!)
  • You can use up to ten consecutive days at any time in the year

Uncapped sick time

Full-time employees qualify

If you’re sick, don’t come to work. Simple as that. Individual sick days are not counted as PTO and are uncapped.

If you need more than five consecutive sick days off, you may be asked to provide verification documentation. After the 5th consecutive paid sick day, you may be required to transition to medical leave.

Paid holidays

Full-time employees qualify

The following are paid holidays for full-time employees in 2019. They’re all marked on the Company Calendar.

  • New Years Day: January 1
  • Memorial Day: May 27
  • Independence Day: July 5
  • Labor Day: September 2
  • Thanksgiving Weekend: November 28-29
  • Christmas: December 24-25
  • New Years: December 31, January 1st

If you’re an international team member, you can switch any 5 US national holidays with some of your local holidays. Just let us know.

Perk roadmap

These are perks that we don’t currently offer, but plan to soon.

Similar to having product roadmaps, we think it’s important to list these. That way the whole team can see where we plan to invest when the time is right. We’ll add these over time. When the time comes, we’ll gather team feedback to see which of these we turn on first.

  1. Fitness and wellness allowance
    • We plan to introduce a $150 monthly allowance to be used towards a gym membership, yoga studio membership, or whatever activity you do to stay in shape
  2. TSA PreCheck
  3. 401K w/ employer matching
    • We’d like to match 100% dollar-for-dollar up to 5% of your salary that you contribute to the plan
  4. Life insurance
    • We’d like to pay for a life insurance policy that covers 10x your annual compensation
  5. One-month sabbatical every three years
    • Every three years, employees would be eligible to take a one-month-long sabbatical
  6. Home office stipend
    • We’d give all new employees a $500 allowance towards a standing desk, chair, or whatever other equipment you see necessary for your home office